What is it ?
Ecoute.ma community environment is intended to promote musicians and music producers, and connects music fans with the latest independent creations.

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You have the opportunity to receive comments, feedback, tips and techniques by your peers and by professionals in the music industry. You benefit, too, from a promotional broadcast on major social networks including Facebook, twitter, and soundcloud. One way that you will achieve a larger fan base and interact with these fans.

Be more than an ordinary Fan

Stay connected to the latest music and sound creations, even before it is accessing the final stage of production, also the chance to discover emerging talent of the community and to track their progress in real time.

You can interact with the artists in the community.

How does it work ?

For designers: you leave a comment on a track that will give you a point, this point will be deducted from your point bank each time you receive a comment on your track you have designated to be promoted.

For fans: leave a comment on a piece and you receive one point, the accumulation of these points provides access to the circles of artists, downloads, events live broadcast and many other surprises.

You will love this site for these reasons and more:

Private comments: only you can see comments intended for you
Public Comments: Shows feedback you get from your peers and fans
Fans and colleagues win fans and colleagues from our friendly community and solidarity
Distribution: authentic "likes" and "reposts" on all social networks
Serious feedback: Improve your performance through continuous and constructive feedback, privately
A real community: not using any botnets, all activity on this website is generated by real users.
Organic Growth: Free access (really free)


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